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Amamizu: Chapter Twelve

When the cab stopped by our home to drop me of, Shuuya looked at me and made a motion that he would be home soon. It took me a second to realize what he meant exactly, but at least I understood. I nodded and walked into the house as the cab sped off. Sighing, I went into the kitchen and filled a plate with food. All of that medicine and running around made my stomach growl and my appetite was that of a growing boy's. I ate slowly, and turned on a small TV in the kitchen. The news was on. And, like always...actually...since I can remember the news report has hardly ever given any good reports on weather, Earth/Mars/Space/sports or even local events in Asin and the surrounding cities. But plenty of positive and happy events take place. For example: the spring festival of blossoms, the summer festival of Luck, the fall and winter festivals of the Harvest Moon, Alraa-minure, and the smaller family traditions (for those with different religious beliefs or family traditions, the government sets aside a one and a half week period to let all government and local employees get paid while out of work). Shuuya and I had not decided what we were going to do during that week and a half.


Shuuya walked in about an hour later and he looked weary, his face grim...almost like an old soldier, weathered from battle and damn tired of it. I walked to him and wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his lips softly. He smiled slightly, I could tell he forced part of the joy I saw in his eyes, and then he kissed my lips back passionately and hard. I smiled and a tear rolled down his cheek. That's what frightened me most. Shuuya. Crying. Even if only one tear, there was something bothering him deeply. I couldn't stand to see him cry. It tore at my heart. I wiped the tear away and kissed his cheek.


"What's wrong my koibito? Are you alright? Did I do something?" I whispered, trying to comfort him.


He looked down at the floor and mumbled under his breath, "They could've hurt you Yuri. They almost did enjeru. They almost kill..." I put my hand on his lips delicately.


"But I'm okay now koibito. I'm okay. I'm safe in your arms. They won't get me. You stopped them Shuuya." I said in a more steady tone of voice. He took a step back, but I moved toward him quickly, wrapping my arms around him again tightly. Now he looked shocked and then he engulfed me in his arms and kissed my forehead again.


"You don't have to worry Shuuya-kun. Not at all. Don't worry." He sighed and I rubbed his back.




Later that night, I awoke in a cold sweat. Shuuya was sitting up, reading still and taking notes about a few less-important bounty head and still about Josef Izumi. He looked at me and kissed my cheek.


"Everything okay enjeru?" he asked quietly.


"Yep, I'm okay. I just need a shower." I stood, went into the bathroom and showered quickly, returning to bed. I also picked up a book and put my glasses back on to read. Shuuya yawned.


"You should get some sleep darling." I said.


"I'm okay. I need to finish these notes and overview the bounty so I can turn in the reports so we can get some money. This," he pointed to the men and women bounty on TV, "is our income." I nodded and began reading. Somewhere in the first paragraph, "...this theory has been tested and proven by many scientists. Thus, the government of Earth has created...” I fell asleep. Well, so much for reading. My dreams were scattered again. When I entered the dreaming state of sleep, I saw many tiny, bright red circles before my eyes. I wasn't sure what it meant, but I wanted to try and find out. The circles drifted father and then closer, speeding around in a spiral near me. I looked over at the spiral of circles and discovered a scene of events within. It looked like it played from past to future. The scene was of me and Shuuya when we were much younger. There were a few other boys and girls in the scene. Quite a few were from Earth and a few from Mars. I remembered this scene. Me, Shuuya and our friends were all on a trip with our fourth year classmates. The teacher, Mr.Kalin was observing a piece of paper hanging on the wall. We were too young to really comprehend what the paper said. It was about politics. We weren't interested anyway. Shuuya and Caiti and Gabe were all talking and playing a game of snails and koi. It was a ridiculous children's game. Practically no one ever won unless they cheated, and it seemed like it would never end. I sat close and watched. My hair was bright red then. As long as I can remember, I've had a crush on Shuuya. Even in the 4th year. He was always the cutest boy in school, to me anyway. Gabe was obviously winning. Gabe enjoyed it, so he cheated. Which was fine by us, we just liked his company because Gabriel was the cutest boy according to ALL of the girls in our grade. He whispered something in Shuuya's ear and they looked over at me. I looked shocked and bolted upright. The next I knew, I was being chased down by Gabe and he was trying to get Shuuya to kiss me. Of course he didn't. The boys chased us because we girls, thought boys were sick and had diseases. Before the scene could finish, the red circles...I guess they were more like orbs...began spiraling faster and then slowed.


This scene was of 13th year school. Once again the scene was of me and Shuuya. We were studying after school and he was looking at other girls in the study room. I looked up and he was staring at the most popular girl. Laine Chu. She was pretty, smart and stuffed her bra. Though, the boys couldn't tell. They all thought she naturally had big boobs. She annoyed me, and it hurt me because I really liked Shuuya. He was my crush. I looked back down at the paper wiped my eyes and spoke as calmly as I could. "I'll be right back Shuuya san." he looked shocked and watched me as I walked out the door of the study room. The scene didn't show me when I was in the girl's bathroom crying. Instead it showed what happened after I went into the bathroom. Apparently, Shuuya turned down Laine's date. He knew she was fake. He was reading the sign on the back of her shirt. Something I hadn't noticed. The little paper sign read "KICK ME!". It was one of those little idiot games we played on other children when we were kids. We enjoyed laughing at other people. Something of a child's nature. Once again as soon as my interest was peaked, the orbs spiraled again. This time even more quickly.


I saw a house far off in the distance this time. This memory didn't seem like it was mine. And yet, in the memory it was me, walking toward the house. In the dream I was watching myself. As if I was watching a movie. I looked down at the ground and smiled at the grass reaching up to my knees. I also noticed that I was wearing a green dress. The pattern was that of ivy crawling up the sleeves, and a small pattern of ivy at the bottom hem. I looked up and saw the house. It too was covered in ivy; behind it mountains stood tall and rigid like glass cutting through water. I started running toward the little house, smiling the whole time. When I neared the house, I walked inside and kissed whom I think was my husband. Or, so he was sin the dream. He began talking, "Good even' my dearest wife." the man smiled and kissed my cheek. I was shocked. Why did the woman in the dream look like me? Who was the man? The era was not mine. What was going on? As soon as I tried to figure it out, the little orbs began spiraling upward and they started to grow larger. They spiraled even more quickly, enough to make me dizzy if I were actually awake. When they stopped, I was awoken by Shuuya getting out of bed. It was probably mid-morning. I yawned and got under the covers, hiding my face from the morning light that poured into my room from the balcony doors. Shuuya probably didn't notice and continued on to the bathroom. I heard the door close and I got up and put on some jeans and one of Shuuya’s t-shirts.


"I think I'll go to Asin." I mumbled to myself and then headed downstairs slowly, grabbing a pair of shoes and brushed my hair while I ate a peach. The water upstairs cut off and I heard Shuuya running around, and then he ran downstairs in nothing but a towel. His hair was soaked and as soon as he was me in the living room, his face went peaceful. I smiled and stood up; kissing Shuuya's lips softly then went out the door with my keys, cell phone and my wallet. He ran out the door after me and grabbed my arm carefully.


"Enjeru, where are you going? And why without telling me?" Shuuya sounded worried. I turned around and hugged him, kissing his lips a bit harder for reassurance.


"I thought I might go into the city for a little while koibito. I was going to call you when I got there." I smiled. My thoughts raced frantically but I couldn't stop smiling.


"Yes, but Yuri, why didn't you tell me? Are you alright? Please...you aren't...leaving me are you? Please enjeru...Yuri...please...don't..." I interrupted Shuuya, I wasn't smiling.


"I will never leave you Shuuya. Never. I will always love you." Shuuya tried to speak again, but I put my hand over his lips softly, speaking again, "I love you Shuuya Ankoku. You will never have to worry about that. I won't leave you koibito." I hugged him tightly then kissed his chest and smiled.


"But why didn't you tell me Yuri?"


"I'm sorry love. I didn't think to remind you."


"Oh.... Well, I'm going to get dressed real quick and come with you, okay? Can you wait a second enjeru?" I smiled and nodded and he then realized that he was outside half naked. Shuuya ran inside, keeping his towel closed as I walked in slowly after him. I sat down on the bottom stair and it seemed like as soon as my butt hit the stair, Shuuya was running back down, fully clothed, and hair brushed.


I smiled and stood up slowly, kissing Shuuya's lips. He smiled and kissed me back, wrapping his arm around my waist. He grabbed his leather coat and told me to get mine as well. We were going into Asin on his motorcycle. I absolutely love riding it. Shuuya got out his bike and two helmets, handing one to me.


As I put on the helmet, Shuuya cranked his motorcycle and I got on behind him while he put his helmet on. When he was ready, I wraped my arms around him. He revved the engine and we sped off to Asin.


We didn't talk during the drive, instead studying the scenery. Shuuya took the scenic route...or rather the habitat that our government had created to seem like the past. In the time we lived in, most people took direct routes. Some, like us, still enjoyed the forests and mountains. Rain started coming down in a drizzle, and Shuuya increased the speed. We passed by a small house with a memorial plagued. I had read it before and it was to commemorate the lost soldiers when we fought the four year battle with Mars and won. The people that first went to the colonies were given special pills, thought to control their emotions and give them a set standard of human life quality. It then started a revolt and turned into war. Politicians so strategically named it the "M.R." standing for Mars Revolt. I'm not very fond of the government, but it’s tolerable.


We entered Asin at the covered end. Part of Asin is covered by a plastic-like cloth overhand. The rain was at a drizzle still and Shuuya found an open spot to park at one of the cheaper parking lots. He pulled in and paid the girl at the booth and put the holographic card around the handlebar. We parked and took the elevator back down to the lobby and walked out into the street. Shuuya smiled down at me, speaking quietly, "So, what do you wanna do enjeru?"


I looped my arm through his and walked close beside him. Shuuya was looking around at all the different shops then he stopped walking completely, causing me to jerk forward a little. Shuuya was staring into the sword shop, and then looked down at me like a little boy that wanted to go into the toy store. I laughed and started walking into the shop with him.


As soon as we got into the store, I let go of Shuuya's arm and he immediately went to the katana. I laughed and reached into my pocket and got my wallet out, taking out my credit card. Whatever Shuuya found and liked the most, I'd buy for him. He had done so much for me that I wanted to do something for him in return.


I decided to walk around and look at the throwing daggers. I figured I could use a new set; I had just about worn out m other ones from keeping them sharp. As I picked up a silver and wooden bo, the shop keeper walked over to me. The big man stared at me then smiled and winked.


"What can I help you with miss?" I smiled back and opened the box glancing at the knives and then closed it again. They were poor quality and not all the same metal. The shop keeper stopped smiling.


"Miss, can I help you? You just put down our best box of knives."


I smiled again and spoke quietly, "Those knives are our craftsmanship and are cheap metal. The ones at the counter are better, but still not the quality I need. Thank you though." I walked over to Shuuya and he put the sword down. "Find one you like koibito?"


Shuuya nodded, "Yep. This one over here. Its handcrafted enjeru. I haven't found a sword like this since I bought the katana back at home.


"Oh. Do you want it?" I asked, smiling adoringly at him.


"Of course I want it Yuri, but I don't know if I can afford it." He sighed and started walking out the door. I followed him a little way and then ran back in the store.


"Where are you going enjeru?"


"I forgot my bag." I yelled back. I didn't even bring my purse, but he didn't realize that.


I paid the shopkeeper for the sword and paid him to deliver it to our hose in two hours. I guessed we'd be home by then. I walked out of the shop, still without my purse, but I didn’t' think Shuuya would notice. He smiled and looked at my hands.


"I thought...you said..." he had a confused look on his face. I smiled and held onto his arm, starting to walk. He walked as well.


"I think I left it at home koibito."

Shuuya paused for a second and shook his head, smiling.


"You bought the sword for me, didn't you Yumemiru?" he was smiling down at me. I kept a straight face.


"No koibito. Damn. I can though. I'm sorry." He wasn't smiling eagerly and the gleam of "getting a new toy" left his eyes. I felt kinda bad for lying to him, but Shuuya would see it when he got home. I knew that he would be pleased.


"So, where to next Yuri?"


"I don't know koibito. Where do you want to go?"


We walked through the little alley ways paved with polished red stone. The overhead cloth that covered part of Asin stopped. We walked through the rain, which was now at a drizzle, holding hands. I looked at the clothing shops, herb and book stores, while Shuuya looked at knife and weapon stores...and food. He stared at the lingerie store, not hiding it from me, but trying not to seem obvious to those who might be looking at him.


I led him into the store, which was owned by a full blood Asiar female. Asiar females are pale-skinned, almost the color of ivory or pearls. Their eyes are pale as well, normally sea green, blue or grey and occasionally deep gold. They tend to wear the clothes of their culture, a loose fitting cotton oro linen dress that hangs off the shoulder. Their hair is light colored as well, though this woman dyed hers.


"Welcome. How may I help you ma'am?" The Asiar woman smiled.


"Oh, we're just looking. Thank you though." I smiled and led Shuuya to the back of the store. He broke away and picked up the skimpiest pair of underwear he could find and grinned widely. I laughed and took them from him. There was hardly any fabric to them, but I held onto them. "If that's what he really wants..." I thought to myself.


"C'mon Yuri. Please wear 'em. For me?" Shuuya looked at me with puppy dog eyes, but the most mischievous grin I've ever seen.


"Okay, fine. But this is your only choice. The rest is up to me."


That left a frown on his face, I couldn't help but laugh. He is so cute when he's frustrated. We walked around the store for a few more minutes then checked out at the counter. Shuuya was grinning when he saw the Asiar woman ring up the skimpy panties. I took the bag from the woman and walked out of the store. Shuuya took the bag out of my hand and smiled. "I got it enjeru."


I held Shuuya's other hand as we continued to walk around Asin. It is a splendid city, the uptown, rich areas are paved with polished red stone and the downtown area is paved with small white stones that sort of glimmer in the sunlight. All of Asin is kept clean, but my favorite area is uptown.


Shuuya and I walked back toward where he parked his motorcycle. He stuffed the bag into the seat and got on. I sat behind him, once again wrapping my arms around his waist and snuggling close. He cranked up the bike and we sped off back home.





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