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Amamizu: Chapter Thirteen

When we arrived home, Shuuya found the sword wrapped in silk, sitting in a wooden box on the front porch. I smiled, got the bag out from under the seat and kissed Shuuya on my way into the house. He pulled me back gently, picked me up and kissed me back. I couldn't help but giggle.


"Do you like it koibito?" I asked.


"Of course I like it Yuri! Why wouldn't I? It's...amazing. Why'd you...how'd you...wow? Thank you enjeru." He spun around with me in his arms still.


"You know what? I can't wait anymore enjeru." Shuuya said, smiling from ear-to-ear.


"Wait...for what Shuuya?" I asked quietly.


"You'll see. Now, go get dressed up really nice. We're going out for dinner." He said, sweating slightly. I frowned, in thought as he set me down carefully.


"Dress up? Like...really nice in an evening gown n'make-up n'stuff?"


"Yep." Shuuya replied, taking his sword upstairs. "Try to hurry please enjeru. I'll be ready to go in a few minutes."


I followed Shuuya upstairs slowly, wondering what we could be doing. About that time, Nicola called.


"Hello?" I said into the receiver.


"Yea, hey Yuri. Whatcha up to?" Nicola asked.



"Not much. Shuuya is taking me out somewhere fancy. He told me to get dressed up and ready as fast as I can."


"Oh. Well, why'd he say that Yuri-chan?"


"I have no idea." I said bluntly.


"Oh. Well, I was just calling to say hey."


"M'kay." I replied, smiling.


"Alrighty then, I'll call you later Yuri, bye...Oh! And tell me where you two go. "


I laughed. "Okay Nicola-chan. I'll call ya back tomorrow."


"Okie dokie." She said.

"Love ya, Yuri, bye." she added.


"Love ya too, Nic-san." I said and we both hung up.



I walked upstairs hurriedly and looked through my closet quickly, pulling out a long, strapless light blue dress. I pulled my clothes off and hcanged bras, putting on the dress. I picked out a good pair of heels and carried them with me to the bathroom. Shuuya was in the sitting room getting dressed as well.


"You look...wow enjeru. You should wear that more often." I giggled.


"We normally don't go out places that require clothes like this koibito."


"...Oh yea." he said, blushing slightly.



I got a little box of make-up out and applied eyeshadow and blush lightly with a little eyeliner. I put a light pink cream kind of lipstick on and put my hair up with a silver pin. As I walked out, Shuuya walked in to put cologne on and straighten his hair.


I sat down on the bed, putting my shoes on and then grabbed a white shoulder wrap out of the closet, along with a matching bag.


"So, where are we going koibito?"


"You'll see enjeru. It's a surprise, and I know you'll love it."


"Oh come on. Now I really want to know. Please tell me Shuuya, my koibito?" He shook his head and I sighed, going downstairs.


"I'll be in the living room."




Shuuya scrambled around the bedroom; searching for the ring he bought for Yuri while in Asin earlier that day.


"I think she'll like it." he whispered to himself. "I hope so anyway."


Shuuya then sprayed on a little cologne, brushed his hair back and put on his coat. He was wearing a black pinstripe tux, with a red shirt and vest underneath. His shoes were freshly polished and buffed. "Now, where are the keys? Gah! Where'd she put them? Crap! I didn't get roses. I'm so unprepared. I hope she says yes..." Shuuya spoke to himself. He found the keys, put the little velvet box with the ring in his pocket, and walked downstairs trying to meditate. Yuri saw him and smiled, rising gracefully from the couch. Shuuya thought to himself, "Wow. Yuri is beautiful. She's...wow. I love her so much. I hope she says yes. God, but she's so amazingly gorgeous. She put on make up...where is it? I don't see it. Must be a chick thing."


"Shuuya! Koibito! Have you heard me?" Yuri said quietly.


"Oh. I'm sorry enjeru. I was lost in thought." Yuri smiled.


"She has an amazing smile." Shuuya thought, and then he shook his head. "Let's go." Shuuya beamed and held his arm out for Yuri.




"Well, that was odd." I thought to myself. "He didn't even hear me. Oh well. That's alright. It doesn't happen often." I looped my arm through Shuuya's and followed his lead.


"Will you tell me where we're going now koibito?" I asked, smiling up at him.


"Nope. Not yet Yuri, my enjeru." Shuuya smiled back down at me.


"Okay." We walked out to my car and Shuuya opened the car door for me. I got in slowly and fixed my dress when he closed the door. When Shuuya was in, we left for the mystery location.


"Wanna listen to music koibito?" I asked.


"I want whatever you want enjeru." he smiled and held my hand rubbing the back of it gently with his thumb. His palm was kinda sweaty, but I didn't mind it.


"Okay. Well then let's just talk." I smiled and squeezed Shuuya's hand delicately.


“I wish you’d tell me where we’re going.” I said, and looked out the window. “I don’t want to be over dressed or under dressed.”


“You’re perfect enjeru. Absolutely perfect.”


There were many trees where we were and the moon was shining brightly into the window of the car. In the not-so-distant view, mountains stood majestically, casting their shadow on the trees and ground. We were heading up a mountain too; the winding road moved my vision continually to a different, yet familiar horizon.


“Shuuya, where are we doing?” he smiled and turned onto a side road that was well-lit by lantern poles and a brick wall lining the road.


“Are you sure we’re dressed properly koibito?” I asked again.


“Shh.” He said, smiling and now grinning, “You’re gorgeous enjeru. Don’t worry.” I sighed and straightened myself up again, smoothing my dress out.


We slowly approached a little restaurant on the side of the mountain that overlooked the valley below. The sign read “Rivera Valley Restaurant since 1998”. This little place had been around for a long time.


“Shuuya, we came all the way up here to eat?” I was wondering as to why we were really there.


“Don’t worry Yuri; just let me take care of this. Just relax honey.” Shuuya parked beside the restaurant and got out before I did. He came around and opened my door, then held out his hand to help me out of the car.



Yuri took my hand as I helped her out of the car. Her skin was soft and warm. She stood slowly, smiling; it was the prettiest smile I had ever seen.


“Shuuya, are you okay my koibito?” she asked quietly.


“Yea, I’m okay.” I answered. “Why?”


“You just look kinda pale is all?” She said, almost a whisper.


I smiled widely to let her know I was really okay. Yuri held onto my arm with both of hers after adjusting her shoulder scarf thingy. Oh man. Her breasts are around my arm. No! Don’t think about that. Stop. Come on, come on. Gotta keep my thoughts clean. Gotta stay focused.




Shuuya led me up to the restaurant’s front door. It was kind of cold, but I held close to his arm. I started getting ideas as to what we were doing. I looked up at him and he was sweating slightly.


As we approached the door, Shuuya opened it and bowed as I walked through. I giggled and kissed his cheek, straightening him up again, holding his arm as I now led him through to the man seating people. Shuuya told him we had a reservation under “Ankoku”. The small man, well small in comparison to my love, led us to our table. The restaurant was beautiful. It was painted gold and red. There were long panels of silk hanging on the walls and many statues and paintings embellished the entire restaurant. The ceilings were ornately carved wood and inlaid with gold. Shuuya laughed and poked me in the side gently and whispered, “Enjeru, we’re at the table. Sit down angel.” I blinked and sat down as Shuuya pushed my chair in under the table. He sat down across from me, smiling and took my hand from across the table, rubbing the back of it gently. I smiled, my eyes gleaming and a chill running through my body. It wasn’t a bad feeling at all. I had butterflies going through my entire body.


We ordered our meals and a glass of plum wine for me and some sake for Shuuya. He took a sip, and then set the cup down gently. I too took a sip of wine and didn’t have a chance to put my glass down completely before Shuuya started speaking to me. “Enjeru, Yuri, my love. My very dearest love…I have been meaning to ask something for a long time…I want…will…could we…” The server walked up and placed our plates on the table. I titled my head to the side, frowning slightly.


“What koibito?” I asked him quietly. He shook his head, sighing deeply. Nothing but silence for a few minutes. I started to worry about him so I leaned across the table and took his hand in mine again, rubbing the back of his gently. Shuuya sighed again and looked at me. His voice sounded like he was choked up. He began to speak again, his voice crystal clear.


“Yuri, you are the dearest, most important, most caring and loving woman. You have fun and aren’t afraid to embarrass yourself. You make me laugh. You are the first person I see every morning. You’re so beautiful.” Shuuya rushed the last sentence, quietly.


“Shuuya, I…I don’t know what to say honey. I…I love you so much. I…”


“I hope you find words for what I’m about to say enjeru.” Shuuya stood up and got down on one knee in front of me, holding my left hand in his. I gasped, breathing shakily and put my other hand to my mouth, tearing up already. My thoughts were scattered and my heart was racing. I could feel my pulse throughout my entire body and I was shaking with adrenaline.


“Will you, Yumemiru Hito Kagayakashii be my wife? Will you marry me Yuri, my enjeru, and my darling angel?” Shuuya said each word slowly and clearly.


I began crying as soon as Shuuya said marry. I was so happy I completely forgot to answer. He stood up and cradled my head against his chest.


“God Yuri, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. It’s too early to ask. I’m sorry.”


I pulled back, and he wiped my cheeks, cleaning away the tears.


“I love you Shuuya. I will marry you. I’m forever yours.” He immediately sank back down to his knee, pulling the tiny velvet box out of his pocket and opened it quickly. The ring was gorgeous and was woven white gold with a diamond between two emeralds.


“Enjeru, this represents our past, present and future. You loved me then, you love me now and I hoe you’ll love me in the future.” He took my hand and slipped the ring on my ring finger. I leaned down, kissing Shuuya passionately.


“I love you. I will love you forever and longer. I loved you then. You’ll always be the man I love.” I kissed him again and held his head against my stomach, rubbing his head and neck and back. He kissed me softly, and he stood up, kissed me again and we stood there for a few minutes, lingering in the kiss.






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